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Marian Leighton from Canada and Judy Tenzing from Australia are helping to raise funds to help and make a small difference for a village effected by the major earthquake that hit Nepal in April/May . The earthquake was devastating and outside of Kathmandu the government has done little or nothing to help the Nepalese people.We had originally hoped to find a small project in Langtang where many people lost their lives and there is a real need. However with the overwhelming devastation in such a large area it did not make sense for us with limited funds to try to find a suitable project. Nepal Government and International agencies are working to create a long term plan with possible resettlement and infrastructure rebuilding in Langtang.

We next looked at a village called Bhakanjee in the Solu area where our trek Sirder Shyam Karki (whom many of you have met during your trek in Nepal) comes from.
Our plan is to trek in and assess the situation in October with a plan to build after the winter. Razzu with Dick Leighton an engineer, Kailash Pradhan a Sikkimese architect and Shyam will trek in and assess the situation in October (11 – 16 Oct). Again In November Razzu and Judy Tenzing will trek in with clothes and blankets to distribute in the village.

Thus we will be concentrating on the village of Bhakanjee and hope to share some plans later in October. We are grateful that amongst all of us who are involved, both directly and with your generous donations that by the time winter really sets in we have made changes that will make that small difference we mentioned earlier.

We will keep you all updated with the latest posts and pictures as we progress.

Thank you and Namaste!

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  1. As Dick and I leave tomorrow for Nepal, we along with Razzu are so thankful for your generosity. We never expected such an outpouring of donations, both money and clothing,  yet you trust us to make sure we make a difference for a small village in Nepal. Razzu has set up a blog and I will share the link here. Know that we are grateful for your faith in us and though it will be several weeks until Dick, Shyam, Razzu and his Sikkimese architect friend Kailash reach Bhakanjee, we will update you as soon as we can.

    Meanwhile we start yet another Himalayan adventure that as many of you know, can lead anywhere but always teaches us so much.


    Marian and Razzu

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