2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Bhakanjee”

  1. Hi Razzu, Marian and friends of Bhakanjee,

    Thanks for sending on the video, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. The video was helpful in putting the effects of the earthquake in perspective and showed us the ongoing needs of the village and its people. Thanks again for the great work you are doing in Nepal.

  2. Thank you Razzu and Marian,
    It is so good to be able to see for ourselves the ongoing needs of the people of the village of Bhakanjee and the help that is getting to them. It was also good to see again Razzu and Shyam in the video.
    Marian we know you will keep us updated on this and let us know if we can do more in the future with donations for this project.
    Pat, Waipu, New Zealand

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