Phase II

school children welcoming us
school children with the stationaries that they received


Feb 16, 2017


Drove to Bhandar on rough road for 12 hours with Minky (my wife), Peter & Jennie Mcguire and then next day a 8 hour trek to Bhakanjee.

The purpose of this trip to Bhakanjee was to inspect the school toilet that was constructed last year and to confirm the proposed site for the construction of the much needed health post. Three team members from the village was appointed to initiate and manage the construction of the health post. We are hopeful that the health post will be completed and set up by the end of the year. The school children and the villagers were all very happy for the school toilet that has made their life a bit easier and healthier. Also we distributed stationaries to the school children.

All this has happened with the contribution made by all of you. Bhakanjee says THANK YOU!

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