Thank You

October 17, 2015

Razzu and I had hoped to have a positive update for you by now on how best to use the funds you so generously donated. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, this has been delayed.

Nepal passed a long overdue constitution on Sept. 20 followed almost immediately by an embargo by India on fuel deliveries to Nepal. There has been very little international reporting on the crisis but it is very real in Nepal, a country that had barely started to rebuild after the devastating earthquake in April. Airlines have stopped flying in and out of Kathmandu and those that still fly are constrained with loads as they cannot refuel in Nepal. Tourism was already decimated but is now virtually at a standstill.

As the situation worsened while we were in Bhutan and then India, Razzu and I still hoped that he and Dick and the others would still be able to trek into Bhakanjee to as assess the need. However the day before he and Dick were to fly back to Kathmandu from Delhi, Shyam let us know that travel by road had become impossible with no fuel for private vehicles permitted. Thus there was no way to travel the many hours to the trailhead.

When Dick and Razzu did arrive in Kathmandu, they said the airport was chaotic with passengers arriving not knowing there was even a problem, baggage missing or delayed and they too were affected. Dick said they were lucky as their bags arrived the next day though it is likely that Razzu had a part in that, being able to weave his way through the mess with his usual wizardry.

We all hope that this crisis will end sooner than later and as soon as possible, Razzu and Shyam and Kailash will head for Bhakanjee. The donations of winter clothing will go with porters at that time and Razzu will come back with a report on what can be done with our funds.

As always, patience is required in Nepal but we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity.





Friends who have contributed to the cause:

Patrick and Cecilia Rennison
Dick and Marian Leighton
Janet Merrick
Karen Rathwell
Claudette Martin
Cathy and Doug McQueen
Claire Leighotn/Pat Hunter
Suzanne Woeller
Luba and Cam Scott
Elaine and Ted Keating
James and Laura Anderson
Brenda Sawada
Suzanne Woeller
Marilyn Bell
Cochran Family
Elaine and Ted Keating
Jane and John McIntyre
Fred and Shelley Galloway
Greg and Linda Booth
 Nicholas and Michelle Bates, and Sam
Lynda Cook
Maria and Andrew Gawin
Jane Srivastava
Deb and Jim Hassell
Cheryl Stomps
James and Wing Chen
Jane Noonan
Diana Fry
Kimberly Slone
Linda Shearon
JoAnn Cocoros
David and Karalee Greer
Brendan and Ute Russell
Trish and Mike Harrison
Sally and Ben Wilson
Gida and James Rehfisch
Sandi Briglia and Luc McKell





A Little Delay

Dick Leighton, Kailash Pradhan and myself were not able to trek to Bhakanjee as planned since no vehicles was available for the drive to Jiri from Kathmandu due to the ongoing fuel crisis in Nepal. Dick had his flight back to Vancouver for the 21st Oct but has now rescheduled for the 17th Oct. Kailash and myself have made new plans to go to the village on 17th Nov to distribute all the clothes donated by friends from overseas and to inspect the conditions so that we can figure out the best way to help the locals there devasted by the big earthquake. Will keep you all posted. Thank you for all the donations!


Help Bhakanjee !

Marian Leighton from Canada and Judy Tenzing from Australia are helping to raise funds to help and make a small difference for a village effected by the major earthquake that hit Nepal in April/May . The earthquake was devastating and outside of Kathmandu the government has done little or nothing to help the Nepalese people.We had originally hoped to find a small project in Langtang where many people lost their lives and there is a real need. However with the overwhelming devastation in such a large area it did not make sense for us with limited funds to try to find a suitable project. Nepal Government and International agencies are working to create a long term plan with possible resettlement and infrastructure rebuilding in Langtang.

We next looked at a village called Bhakanjee in the Solu area where our trek Sirder Shyam Karki (whom many of you have met during your trek in Nepal) comes from.
Our plan is to trek in and assess the situation in October with a plan to build after the winter. Razzu with Dick Leighton an engineer, Kailash Pradhan a Sikkimese architect and Shyam will trek in and assess the situation in October (11 – 16 Oct). Again In November Razzu and Judy Tenzing will trek in with clothes and blankets to distribute in the village.

Thus we will be concentrating on the village of Bhakanjee and hope to share some plans later in October. We are grateful that amongst all of us who are involved, both directly and with your generous donations that by the time winter really sets in we have made changes that will make that small difference we mentioned earlier.

We will keep you all updated with the latest posts and pictures as we progress.

Thank you and Namaste!

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